Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Drew's Cruise Summer Challenge Update

Drew's Cruise Summer Challenge Update

I apologize for having taken a short break from blogging, but I am happy to report that my summer challenge has been off to a great start! I was skeptical about the Upwork experiment, but it appears to be paying off huge dividends. Now remember, I joined about 2 weeks ago and I really didn't get serious about it until roughly last week. Since then, I have landed 5 jobs, one long term client, and $186! That's after Upwork took their 20%. Now if I am to understand this correctly, Upwork will start to take only 10% once I hit $500. The jury is still out on that based on what I have read on their site and what other people say out there on the World Wide Web.

My next course of action is up in the air. The goal I am trying to do with my side hustle money is to let it grow so that I can reinvest it. I know the direction I want to go in next, but I'm not quite sure which vehicle to use to get there. My next step is to get a website. My first problem is, do I make it or do I buy it. Now making it would make sense for a few reasons, namely I won't be paying a huge amount to have someone do it for me. Secondly, I really want to learn or rather further develop my skill of web developing. I learned basic HTML in graduate school, but the internet has far evolved past that point. If I buy a website all of the work is done for me, but it can end up costing a lot of money! So that's the hard part.

I also have the dilemma of what do I want my website to be about? I already bought two great domains, summereducator.com and moneylibrarian.com.  I could write under one of those names, but what content would I write? Or, I was just thinking of using myname.com. My name of course being my first name and last name. The benefit of that is that it would be good to use to promote myself on Upwork, other platforms, or just to hand out to people I meet. My second conflict is what do I make my website about? Oh the questions.... Is drop shipping worth it? That's my other big question. Such are things to revisit later on in a further blog.

For the time being, I'm going to keep knocking on the door of Upwork and see what I get and continue to ponder the website question.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Cruise 4: I Want To Build a Website

I Want To Build a Website

While I await word from my Upwork proposals (which I think are dead at this point) I've decided I am going to dabble into creating a website. I have created websites before, often for work, school, and others but never for me. So I am going to try it. Although much of my experience is with Google Sites I am going to try and work with the platform Wordpress

Although Google Sites is easy to use (this blog is based off of Blogger) and do create nice looking pages my early research has convinced me to go with Wordpress. The biggest selling point to me is if you are using Wordpress you are the sole owner of your site. Google Sites are owned by Google, and therefore, your site is owned by Google. I like owning my own things because it gives you far more liberty to do what you want to do. Also I find Google Sites to be a little constricting with design and content. Also, I chose Worpress because I would like to see what the experience is all about. So I will let you all know how that pans out. Could be exciting. About as exciting as I don't know, but something and what that is I will let you know!

So I am goin to start to dabble in this business of web development and see how it goes! So let's get cruising!

Monday, June 10, 2019

The Summer Challenge Update 1: Upwork

The Summer Challenge Update 1:Upwork

Okay, so I haven't reported back in a couple of days. The cold wet spring weather which has defined our Western New York spring finally lifted and gave us 3 sunny spectacular days in the 80's! With weather like that, who has time to blog? Anyhow, based on my last blog I believe I stated that I was going to embark on my summer journey of finding ways to score some extra cash. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I am a teacher and although having some extra time off in the summer is nice the finances get a little dry as the summer drags on... With a 6 year old and a new little one this past winter finding some extra income this summer could be nice. Anyhow here is my update.

Freelancing with Upwork:

So I think the subject of the last blog was that I was going to try my luck with a freelancing website called Upwork. Essentially this site is setup very much like your typical jobs posting site such as Indeed or GlassCeiling in that employers post small jobs ranging from "read my resume" to "6 month data entry project." In order to gain access to these jobs Upwork has you fill out a rather extensive profile which I get (have to screen the frauds). Once your application is complete you are then told that whatever you earn Upwork gets 20%! Of course if you hit $500 they take only 10%. From what I saw, it would take a lot to hit that $500 mark. So that fun fact is out there, next let's apply! In order to apply or bid as you'll later see, you have to use these things called "connects." Connects are like Upwork currency in that you buy one connect for $0.15 and you have to use x-amount of "connects" to place a bid on a job. They gave you 20 connects to start, that's nice of them until they snatch their first 20%. I don't mean to be cynical, but maybe that's how all these freelance sites are. So I messed around and put my 20 free connects out there and applied to 4 jobs. When you do "apply" you have to throw a bid out there based on how much you would be willing to pay to do the job and also you have to put up a cover letter. I haven't gotten this far yet, but I believe the next step is you get invited to interview, you interview, and shazam you have your little side hustle. It seems like applying for a full-time job all over again at times, but shucks I'm willing to keep giving it a shot short term to see what comes of it. I have a feeling it's one of those things that at first is a slow go, but once you build up momentum you are in a good place!

As I await my first "interview" or whatever may happen next there are a couple of things to consider from Upwork. First, you can upgrade to premium for $15 a month which gives you the ability to see how much others are bidding on the positions open and also gives you 70 connects per month (70/0.15=4.67). At least you are getting $4.67 in connects and you get to see the bid range by others. Could be worth it.... I'll let you know what I decide upon.

As blog posts around one particular digital platform or goal could get dull I may post on this matter once a week as an update. In the meantime I think I may lead you all on a journey of doing some other fun project such as webdesign/web acquisition or some other exciting experiment. 

Thank you all again for checking in, if anyone is checking in, and I will keep you up to par with my journey into finding just a little more cash!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Summer Challenge

Cruise 3: My Revelation!

So I've been wondering lately how to make some extra funds. With a new baby, a six year old, and daycare on the horizon I want an avenue for extra funds so I can cover our expenses and continue to save.

I've been currently listening to the audio book "Financial Freedom: A Proven Path To All The Money You Will Ever Need," by Grant Sabatier. In this book Sabatier writes much about using a side hustle to help achieve your financial pooposals. Although both my wife and I work full-time and live somewhat comfortable I figure my skills set can be used for so much more.

My challenge (the first of a few) is to begin a path of experimenting with ways in which to make some extra funds. I will document my progress here with tips to follow along the way! I look forward to my opportunities and I've finally found something to blog about. Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you look forward to following my challenge.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Legend of the Unicorn.


Drew's Second Cruise: Buffalo Weather This Spring

Drew's Second Cruise: Buffalo Weather This Spring and Unicorns

Well it's day two of my cruise and I don't have much to write about. I once read in a weather book a long time ago that when there is nothing to talk about, people talk about the weather. Well on cruise two I want to talk about the weather because I don't know what else to write. I specifically want to write about the weather in Buffalo/Western New York this spring. In a word, it SUCKED! 

All too often this spring it has been cold and rainy! You would think that God himself would have come down and had me make an ark. I think I'd be good at driving an ark but the smell, food, and vet bills would kill me! Ain't no beastly Medicare on that ark! 

Speaking of the ark, do really think the unicorn was left behind? For those of you unaware of the unicorn legend check out this sweet ditty. I have my suspicions... After all, unicorns who needs them? They're just horses but a lot hornier... Could you imangine the dangers of horse racing or aquestrian? Just saying....

Anyhow, back to the weather jargon. Seeing as how we are at the cusp of summer all I can say is keep an eye on the weather may it turn in your favor and make your wildest dreams come true. That's all I got. Sorry, cruise 2 was a snooze.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Drew's First Cruise

Drew's First Cruise

Okay! Here I am on the big wide world web! And I am blogging. I am blogging like I am boss! Or am I not? I'm not too sure what I am doing, but I know I want to do it. I've thought about blogging for sometime now as I like to write things, I have a good sense of humor, and I seem to get myself wrapped up in some pretty wild things!

When I began thinking about writing a blog I didn't quite know what a blog was or what to base my blog on. Then, by golly-g-willikers it dawned on me! You don't know what to blog about so just blog about life! I mean we're all cruising through it right? I have a twitter handle @drewcruise I started years ago played off of a shirt I had from Old Navy. It had a picture of a boat on it and said "Booze Cruise." Well that shirt sounded fun, and so did my first name in front of the word "cruise." Here I am, maybe 15 years after buying that shirt, 10 years after my first tweet, and now seeing that the drewcruise.com domain was available, the universe opened up and shot proverbial rainbows and gumdrops unto my fortunes! It was a no brainer I thought! Let's light this fire!

What might people get out of this blog? I don't know but it's going to be exciting! I am a husband to an amazing smart and beautiful wife which to do this is still way out of my league and she must have patience of a saint. I have two amazing kids that take us on crazy amazing adventures! I have a house that needs patching up here and there. I drive a Subaru Legacy. I work with a youthful audience whom of which always keeps me on my toes and in the know of what is rad (I know rad is no longer rad). It is my hope that this blog will allow people to have an avenue to relate with somebody on something or learn something from someone who might be in a similar position or who might just want to pop in for a good old laugh. And, ow there will be laughs.

What won't you find on this blog? I know I openly admitted I don't know much about blogs (maybe it's a good thing here) but what I do know is blogs can be become political. One thing I will say is this, leave your politics at the door please. We all have our opinions but we are all humans. Let's focus on the humanity side of things here. Comments, although I may not be able to control them, I am hoping to avoid negative comments. The world doesn't need it and don't be a coward throwing negativity out there hiding behind your screen. Rule of thumb here, if you wouldn't say it sitting next to me or someone else, don't say it at all. Basic kindergarten life lesson there. Okay, we got that touchy feely stuff out of the way.

So this is it. My first blog. Probably no one will ever read it except those closest to me who will probably really make fun of me for it but will support me in doing it. So like the boat on that awesome shirt (I think it was white with blue print or was it blue with white print) many years ago let's push off of shore and head out on a Drew Cruise!