Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Drew's Cruise Summer Challenge Update

Drew's Cruise Summer Challenge Update

I apologize for having taken a short break from blogging, but I am happy to report that my summer challenge has been off to a great start! I was skeptical about the Upwork experiment, but it appears to be paying off huge dividends. Now remember, I joined about 2 weeks ago and I really didn't get serious about it until roughly last week. Since then, I have landed 5 jobs, one long term client, and $186! That's after Upwork took their 20%. Now if I am to understand this correctly, Upwork will start to take only 10% once I hit $500. The jury is still out on that based on what I have read on their site and what other people say out there on the World Wide Web.

My next course of action is up in the air. The goal I am trying to do with my side hustle money is to let it grow so that I can reinvest it. I know the direction I want to go in next, but I'm not quite sure which vehicle to use to get there. My next step is to get a website. My first problem is, do I make it or do I buy it. Now making it would make sense for a few reasons, namely I won't be paying a huge amount to have someone do it for me. Secondly, I really want to learn or rather further develop my skill of web developing. I learned basic HTML in graduate school, but the internet has far evolved past that point. If I buy a website all of the work is done for me, but it can end up costing a lot of money! So that's the hard part.

I also have the dilemma of what do I want my website to be about? I already bought two great domains, summereducator.com and moneylibrarian.com.  I could write under one of those names, but what content would I write? Or, I was just thinking of using myname.com. My name of course being my first name and last name. The benefit of that is that it would be good to use to promote myself on Upwork, other platforms, or just to hand out to people I meet. My second conflict is what do I make my website about? Oh the questions.... Is drop shipping worth it? That's my other big question. Such are things to revisit later on in a further blog.

For the time being, I'm going to keep knocking on the door of Upwork and see what I get and continue to ponder the website question.


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