Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Drew's First Cruise

Drew's First Cruise

Okay! Here I am on the big wide world web! And I am blogging. I am blogging like I am boss! Or am I not? I'm not too sure what I am doing, but I know I want to do it. I've thought about blogging for sometime now as I like to write things, I have a good sense of humor, and I seem to get myself wrapped up in some pretty wild things!

When I began thinking about writing a blog I didn't quite know what a blog was or what to base my blog on. Then, by golly-g-willikers it dawned on me! You don't know what to blog about so just blog about life! I mean we're all cruising through it right? I have a twitter handle @drewcruise I started years ago played off of a shirt I had from Old Navy. It had a picture of a boat on it and said "Booze Cruise." Well that shirt sounded fun, and so did my first name in front of the word "cruise." Here I am, maybe 15 years after buying that shirt, 10 years after my first tweet, and now seeing that the drewcruise.com domain was available, the universe opened up and shot proverbial rainbows and gumdrops unto my fortunes! It was a no brainer I thought! Let's light this fire!

What might people get out of this blog? I don't know but it's going to be exciting! I am a husband to an amazing smart and beautiful wife which to do this is still way out of my league and she must have patience of a saint. I have two amazing kids that take us on crazy amazing adventures! I have a house that needs patching up here and there. I drive a Subaru Legacy. I work with a youthful audience whom of which always keeps me on my toes and in the know of what is rad (I know rad is no longer rad). It is my hope that this blog will allow people to have an avenue to relate with somebody on something or learn something from someone who might be in a similar position or who might just want to pop in for a good old laugh. And, ow there will be laughs.

What won't you find on this blog? I know I openly admitted I don't know much about blogs (maybe it's a good thing here) but what I do know is blogs can be become political. One thing I will say is this, leave your politics at the door please. We all have our opinions but we are all humans. Let's focus on the humanity side of things here. Comments, although I may not be able to control them, I am hoping to avoid negative comments. The world doesn't need it and don't be a coward throwing negativity out there hiding behind your screen. Rule of thumb here, if you wouldn't say it sitting next to me or someone else, don't say it at all. Basic kindergarten life lesson there. Okay, we got that touchy feely stuff out of the way.

So this is it. My first blog. Probably no one will ever read it except those closest to me who will probably really make fun of me for it but will support me in doing it. So like the boat on that awesome shirt (I think it was white with blue print or was it blue with white print) many years ago let's push off of shore and head out on a Drew Cruise!

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