Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Drew's Second Cruise: Buffalo Weather This Spring

Drew's Second Cruise: Buffalo Weather This Spring and Unicorns

Well it's day two of my cruise and I don't have much to write about. I once read in a weather book a long time ago that when there is nothing to talk about, people talk about the weather. Well on cruise two I want to talk about the weather because I don't know what else to write. I specifically want to write about the weather in Buffalo/Western New York this spring. In a word, it SUCKED! 

All too often this spring it has been cold and rainy! You would think that God himself would have come down and had me make an ark. I think I'd be good at driving an ark but the smell, food, and vet bills would kill me! Ain't no beastly Medicare on that ark! 

Speaking of the ark, do really think the unicorn was left behind? For those of you unaware of the unicorn legend check out this sweet ditty. I have my suspicions... After all, unicorns who needs them? They're just horses but a lot hornier... Could you imangine the dangers of horse racing or aquestrian? Just saying....

Anyhow, back to the weather jargon. Seeing as how we are at the cusp of summer all I can say is keep an eye on the weather may it turn in your favor and make your wildest dreams come true. That's all I got. Sorry, cruise 2 was a snooze.

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