Monday, June 10, 2019

The Summer Challenge Update 1: Upwork

The Summer Challenge Update 1:Upwork

Okay, so I haven't reported back in a couple of days. The cold wet spring weather which has defined our Western New York spring finally lifted and gave us 3 sunny spectacular days in the 80's! With weather like that, who has time to blog? Anyhow, based on my last blog I believe I stated that I was going to embark on my summer journey of finding ways to score some extra cash. I don't know if I mentioned it, but I am a teacher and although having some extra time off in the summer is nice the finances get a little dry as the summer drags on... With a 6 year old and a new little one this past winter finding some extra income this summer could be nice. Anyhow here is my update.

Freelancing with Upwork:

So I think the subject of the last blog was that I was going to try my luck with a freelancing website called Upwork. Essentially this site is setup very much like your typical jobs posting site such as Indeed or GlassCeiling in that employers post small jobs ranging from "read my resume" to "6 month data entry project." In order to gain access to these jobs Upwork has you fill out a rather extensive profile which I get (have to screen the frauds). Once your application is complete you are then told that whatever you earn Upwork gets 20%! Of course if you hit $500 they take only 10%. From what I saw, it would take a lot to hit that $500 mark. So that fun fact is out there, next let's apply! In order to apply or bid as you'll later see, you have to use these things called "connects." Connects are like Upwork currency in that you buy one connect for $0.15 and you have to use x-amount of "connects" to place a bid on a job. They gave you 20 connects to start, that's nice of them until they snatch their first 20%. I don't mean to be cynical, but maybe that's how all these freelance sites are. So I messed around and put my 20 free connects out there and applied to 4 jobs. When you do "apply" you have to throw a bid out there based on how much you would be willing to pay to do the job and also you have to put up a cover letter. I haven't gotten this far yet, but I believe the next step is you get invited to interview, you interview, and shazam you have your little side hustle. It seems like applying for a full-time job all over again at times, but shucks I'm willing to keep giving it a shot short term to see what comes of it. I have a feeling it's one of those things that at first is a slow go, but once you build up momentum you are in a good place!

As I await my first "interview" or whatever may happen next there are a couple of things to consider from Upwork. First, you can upgrade to premium for $15 a month which gives you the ability to see how much others are bidding on the positions open and also gives you 70 connects per month (70/0.15=4.67). At least you are getting $4.67 in connects and you get to see the bid range by others. Could be worth it.... I'll let you know what I decide upon.

As blog posts around one particular digital platform or goal could get dull I may post on this matter once a week as an update. In the meantime I think I may lead you all on a journey of doing some other fun project such as webdesign/web acquisition or some other exciting experiment. 

Thank you all again for checking in, if anyone is checking in, and I will keep you up to par with my journey into finding just a little more cash!


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